Project #1: “Do the thing, and you will have the power.”

Take this quote, and illustrate it three different ways. Make each example a full page, either portrait (vertical) or landscape (more horizontal).

See the little objects on the far right of the menu, FORMAT and DOCUMENT? Get used to using them. Click them on and off and watch what happens. You will be using the FORMAT inspector A LOT!


  1. You need a place to store your work, because you can’t store it on the Desktop. Go to Documents and create a New Folder. Label it with your name. Go inside that Folder and create another new folder. Label this folder “Project 1 - Power” This is where you’ll store your work.
  2. Do an image search on Google. You could type in “Power” or you could go in another direction, like “Strength” or “Fast Car” or “Muscle”  Or you could pick a great athlete or person that represents power to you. Don’t just go with the first image that comes up.
  3. Got something you like? Make sure the resolution is high enough. At least 400-500 pixels is good enough. Lower than that won’t look good when you blow it up.  Want to make sure you get big images? Click on “More” under the search and choose “Large” or “Larger than.”
  4. Don’t just click on the thumbnail. Go to “View Image” to get the whole high-resolution image.
  5. Think about the focus. Which should be more important, the text or the image? You can’t make the two of them equally important, or the eye can’t focus.
  6. Think about line breaks. Are you going to put all the words on one line, or are you going to break them up? If the words are not all on one line, how are you going to line them up?
  7. Got to Pages>Preferences>Rulers and check off “Enable vertical ruler for documents with body text.” This will help you line things up accurately.
  8. Start playing around with the font, the spacing, the color, and the placement of the text. What works best with the image?
  9. When you’re happy with one solution, label it Power1 and put it in your Project 1 folder in Documents.
  10. There is always more than one good solution. Now go ahead, find two more images and think of two more ways to arrange the words. Label those Power2 and Power3. Put them in the Project 1 folder as well.
  11. Make sure you include an attribution. Add a dash — (option-shift-hyphen),
 and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s name.

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