Project #11: Creating a Typographic Portrait

May 27, 2014

The objective here is to get a lot deeper into Pixelmator, see what it can do to manipulate multiple layers and objects, and create something beautiful.

Like this…or maybe better. Click below to see all the instructions.



Before you really get into the project…

1) Take, or find somewhere, a picture of yourself.

2) Think about the words you want floating behind/in front of your portrait. I might suggest a poem, a repeated lyric from a song, maybe a section from a novel you really like. I used a quote from Einstein about imagination.

3) Make the portrait really simple, and try to use a simple background. You probably don’t need to worry about masking the background at this point, but you may need to work on that later.

4) There are 10 steps to the tutorial, and when you’re finished, you will have learned quite a bit about layering, filtering, and some very subtle effects.

5) When the whole thing is finished, post to VoiceThread.

Good luck!

Project #10: Make a Customized List

May 21, 2014

Lists can be auto-generated by the computer, or you can really do things right by creating a customized list. Making a customized list will show you how to control tabs and alignment in a very sophisticated way that makes the document easier to edit and control.

Follow the directions here to create a customized version of any list.

And below is a rough, uninteresting version of the list that you can work from.
Robert Sternberg’s 10 Tips on Creativity

And here is one solution from last year’s class. Simple, but pretty effective. Notice 2 things: 1) The opacity is lowered for the image so it is “ghosted” into the background and 2) the number “10″ kicks out to the left, which makes all the numbers line up in a more elegant, customized way.

Project #9: The Business Card

May 20, 2014

Use your design skills and your new logos to create a set of 10 business cards. There should be at least 5 different designs on the cards.

Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have pdf files of your two good logo designs.
  2. Go to Pages and get out one of the business card templates. Most business cards are 2″ by 3″, printed 10 t0 a sheet.
  3. Build a business card design around your logo. Make your logo the central focus of the design, but make sure to include all the information. You will probably list yourself as “Chief Executive Officer,” “Creative Director,” “Sales and Marketing Vice President” or something like that. Be creative in choosing your job!
  4. Make sure to include all the contact information that should be on a business card, but you don’t to have a real website.
  5. Most important. Include at least 5 different designs. That means probably two copies of each design. You don’t need 5 different logos, but put your logo in different places, and different sizes, and use different fonts on different cards.
  6. Make a pdf of the finished file and post it to Voicethread.

Habits of Work: Self Evaluation

May 19, 2014

Follow this link to fill out a 4th quarter self evaluation.
Go to the link shown above, and fill out the self evaluation.
The form is due TODAY, Monday!