Project #8: Make a Logo

Use your design skills to create a “corporate identity” for a new product.

The product can be a

  1. soft drink/energy drink,
  2. a cereal,
  3. a computer game
  4. a skateboard/snowboard company
  5. Something else? Tell me your idea.

Your job is to create a name and a logo for the product, then create a package that the product will come in.

The assignment will be in 3 parts:
PART 8A: The Theory
Read this article
about designing logos. List what you think are 10 of the most important tips to remember for your project on the logo worksheet. Pass it in.

Also, read this article to see how PayPal decided to redesign itself. Little changes can make a big difference for big companies.

PART 8B: The Computer App
Open EazyDraw on your computer and get familiar with it. Learn now to form your name along a curve. Save a good file in PDF, and export it to VoiceThread.

PART 8C: 2 versions of the Logo
Use Pages, EazyDraw, and Pixelmator to design 2 very different versions of the logo. Make them the right size to actually fit and glue onto the product!  Export these both to Voicethread.

PART 8D: The Mock-Up
Make a mockup of the actual product!  If you’re designing a brand of soda, make a logo that you can print and tape or glue on a can of soda. If it’s a cereal box, make a logo that you can glue on the box. If it’s a computer gaming system, find a DVD box or something that you could actually use the logo on.

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