Project #7: Making a Fantasy CD

Make a CD insert with an imaginary artist, original artwork, and 10 creatively titled “tracks.”  Include all the little details that make a CD look realistic, like copyright © or trademark ™ detail, US and Canadian pricing, maybe Euros €, UPC product code, explicit lyrics warning (if appropriate!), name of the production company. Basically, include everything you see on a regular CD jacket.

This is an exercise in creativity and close attention to detail! Feel free to bring in artwork for Pixelmator or elsewhere, include as much original art as you can, use a decimal tab to get the title to line up exactly right, not just a spacebar! (Details to follow on decimal tabs and lining up titles.)

And, oh yeah. You’re responsible for cutting the project and bringing in a CD “jewelbox” to contribute to the class collection!

Click here for the basic directions and a template that shows the exact dimensions for a regular CD “Jewel box.”

This year, we’re cranking it up a notch! Reproduce your artwork as a piece of
CD origami, where you print the front and back on a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper, then fold it into a CD case. Warning: You can use the basic design you made for the front of your CD, but the dimensions are slightly bigger for this paper version. Also, the playlist will look a little different (12.9 cm wide by 12.2 cm high, with a 1 cm spine above the cover art.)

Click here for a CD Origami basic template you can adapt to put in your own cover art, a spine, a playlist. Sorry, but this step is a little tricky because the blog doesn’t allow me to post files in the Pages format. This is a compressed file, a .zip file, but you can open it in Pages by just double-clicking on it on most computers. Then you should see a Pages file pop up that is called CD origami 2. Open that, and change it to suit your needs. Notice, everything is locked by default so you can’t move things around accidentally! You can go to Arrange and unlock items one at a time.

Click here for some choices and cool examples of alternative ways to do this. (Double CD cases, pentagonal CD cases, 3-dimensional crafted CD albums, all sorts of stuff)

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