Project #4: Creating Your Personal Typography

Project #4: A Personal Typography

Learn the terms and meanings of 15 terms by illustrating and defining them. Follow the template in Pages to see how to do it. You will learn the terms by listing and defining them, and showing examples for each of them.

Here’s what you put on each page:

Cover sheet:

  • Write “My Personal Typography” and put in the definition of typography.
  • Make a Word Cloud of your name and the 15 terms, and include it on the page.

Page 1:

  • List the 15 Typography terms.
  • Make a fancy colored version of the number “15”
  • Include your word cloud again

Page 2:

  • Write your name on two lines. Make it 72 point
  • Mark and define the words point size, leading, and baseline

Page 3:

  • Pick a musical artist or group and use it to illustrate the terms.
  • Mark and define font and kerning.

Page 4:

  • Pick a team and use it to illustrate the terms.
  • Mark and define Caps Height, X-Height, Ascender, and Descender

Page 5:

  • Pick either a new team or a new artist and use it to define the terms.
  • Put at least one word in a serif font (with tails and wings and legs) and one word in a sans serif font.
  • Mark and define Serif and Sans Serif

Page 6:

  • Pick a game (either computer or an old fashioned game) and use it to define the terms.
  • Mark and define Stroke Weight, Bowl, and Counter.

Click here to see a pdf version of a finished personal typography. It’s often easiest to work from a model.

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