Project 2A: Storing your Work on Your Google Drive

VoiceThread is a great place to share work, but it has some limitations:

  1. The quality is pretty good, but not as good as the original files. It’s also hard to get the file to fill the whole screen.
  2.  You really can’t edit or change the files. They’re pdf’s and it costs extra money to download them.
  3. What about printing? Uhh, you can’t really do it from VoiceThread.

So we need a second way to store your stuff, and a second place to do it. Your GoogleDrive is a great place to do this. Why?

  1. Everybody gets 15 GB for free. That’s a lot of space. Plenty for storing all your DW projects and then some.
  2. Sharing is pretty easy. That means your teacher can see your work as the original file and help you solve technical problems, or print things out to BW or Color printers around the building, printers that your laptop computer can’t see. That’s a lot easier than swapping files on a flash drive.
  3. You can organize and back up all your files here. If your laptop crashes, not to worry. You have complete copies right on the Google Drive.

Here are the steps:

You have done enough work now that you wouldn’t want to lose any of it. Take a few minutes now and do the following:

  1. Organize all the work on your laptop into one Design Workshop folder.
  2. Label a subfolder for the project you have just finished. There is an example posted below. This example shows what your folder should look like at the end of the quarter:


Got it? For the next step, sign onto your Google Drive.  Most of the students in our class who haven’t used Google Drive this year should follow these steps:

Go to your favorite browser and open up Google. You have an account here, whether you know it or not. Go to the Firefox Toolbar and look for a little Blue “G” and the words “Google Drive Login.”  Click it and it will take you to a screen like this…


  1. Your password is firstname.lastname  You don’t have the add the here because Google does it for you.
  2. The first password will be your 8-digit birthday. Check off “Stay Signed in” and you won’t have to log back in every day.
  3. Make it simple and easy to remember, for cryin’ out loud! But you still have follow Google’s rules about the length of password and including numbers and letters.

So now you’re in. Good! Look for the big Red Box over on the left side of the screen that looks this:       driveinred.png

This is where most of the Action is in Google Drive. Next Step:

  1. Click “Create” and Create a Folder. Label it Design Workshop. Here’s where you will keep copies of all your work.
  2. Inside the Design Workshop folder, create another folder labeled “Project 1 Words of Wisdom”
  3. Now click that little white arrow in the red box next to Create to do an upload. Upload your Pages document, and the PDF also if you want to.
  4. Last big step: share it with your teacher. Click the little light box next to the Design Workshop folder you made. It looks like this: design-workshop-icon.png
  5. Make sure it’s checked off. Then look for the little person icon above it, just to the right of the red box. It looks like this: share-icon.png
  6. This is the Sharing Icon. Click on it, and share your folder with Mr. Ingmundson. His address is  Spell that carefully, or you won’t be sharing with anyone!

Now, everything that you put in this folder is automatically saved and shared with your teacher. Most convenient.

You will get a grade on setting up your Google Drive and sharing this folder. It should take maybe 15 minutes, and if you do it you get an easy A.

Do it, even if not all your work is quite complete. At least you will have a place set up to put the work when you’re finished.

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