Project #2: Posting Work to VoiceThread

The site:
Go to

This is where you will sign in to Voicethread. Bookmark the site to make your life easier.
We will use Voicethread for a couple different reasons:
To save your work. You actually can save projects for all the years you’re in high school.
To submit your work. You have to put it on Voicethread so the teacher can grade it.
To reflect on your work. You will post comments about what you like, and what you don’t like, about your designs.
To share your work. You have a chance to see and comment on other people’s designs. This is like our class Art Gallery!

Your username is all lower case, like this:

Your initial password is design.
How easy can that be? After you sign in with this password once, you can change the password if you want to, or just leave it as the default.
Now that you’re in, you can start posting your work. VoiceThread won’t accept Pages documents, but it loves pdfs.

Now, 4 steps:

Take your Pages document and turn it into a pdf. There should be nine pages in the pdf. What does PDF stand for anyway? Why do we use it?
Go into your Voicethreadt page, and choose the Create tab.
Post a thread that has all nine designs. You can add to it, or change it later.
Title the thread “Words of Wisdom.”

Got it in? There should be some gears grinding, then you’ll see your design.

One last step.

Go to My Voicethread. See the groups listed over on the right? You should be a member of the Morse High School and Design Workshop Spring 2014.
Drag your finished project into your new Group, Design Workshop Spring 2014. Now everyone in the class can see your work, and I can grade it.

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