Project #1: Design a Poster with some Words of Wisdom


  • To get you to start thinking about your computer as a Design Tool.
  • To get you comfortable with Pages as a Design Tool.
  • To get you used to the class procedures, how we do work, how we share work and hand work in.


American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson probably came up with more inspirational quotations about people than anyone who ever lived, how they think, work, and act. Take a look at his quotations at this website and copy down one or two that you like.

Got a good one? Now get to work.

Open up Pages, go to Page Layout, and choose the the Blank Landscape format.

Copy down the quote and then open up a text box in Pages. Paste the quote into the text box, and make it bigger. What font would be appropriate for your message here? (Warning: don’t include more than two different fonts on the poster)

Do a Google Image search and find some possible graphics that fit the quote. Save them in a folder on your desktop, and drag one onto your canvas.

Now start playing around with the design. What should be the most important element, the one you look at first? Where should the eye go next? What colors are going to work for the type? How do you control the colors?
How do you control the line breaks so they add to the message and don’t just seem mindless and arbitrary?

End up with three different designs for the same quote. Change the picture, font, and placement of the lettering. Experiment. There is no one “right” design solution. Here’s an Emerson quote design I came up with, using an image from Creative Commons I found through a Google Image search, then modifying it in IPhoto and adding the text in Pages.


Design from Emerson


Handing it in.

  • Complete each of the three designs as a Pages document. Each one should have a different image, different font, different placement and cropping of the graphic, but the same words.
  • Export each document to a .pdf file and stick them all in one folder on your laptop.
  • Create a folder on your Google Drive. Label it “Design Workshop Projects.”
  • Share the folder with your teacher. Share it with
  • Post your finished designs to the VoiceThread site. But that’s another lesson. We’ll get to that later…

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