Project #9: Organizing and Saving Your Work

You have done enough work now that you wouldn’t want to lose any of it. Take a few minutes now and do the following:

  1. Organize all the work on your laptop into one Design Workshop folder.
  2. Label a subfolder for each of the seven projects we have done so far. There is an example posted below: model-folder.png
  3. Got it? For the last step, take the Design Workshop folder and save the whole thing to your Google Drive, in the folder that you share with me. That way, all your work is backed up, and I can get out the projects that need to be printed to a color printer.
  4. You will get a grade on this. It should take maybe 15 minutes. Do it, even if not all your work is quite complete. At least you will have a place set up to put the work when you’re finished.

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