Project #2: Posting Work to VoiceThread

September 9, 2013

VoiceThread is where we will share our work. It’s a sort of “virtual” art gallery that allows you to post your work and leave comments about your stuff, and other people’s stuff.

 Getting onto VoiceThread

The site:

Go to

After you get there, bookmark it in your browser. You will be going there again and again.

This is where you will sign in to VoiceThread.

Your username is all lower case, like this:

Your initial password is design.
How easy can that be? After you sign in with this password once, you will be prompted to change your password. Make a new password, then write it down someplace so you can remember it!

Now that you’re in, you can start posting your work. VoiceThread won’t accept Pages documents, but it loves pdfs.

Now, 5 steps:

  • Go to your Pages document and turn it into a pdf by going to File and Export. Things will go much faster if you have everything in one file that contains all your posters.
  • Now Go to Create
  • Go to Upload. Then upload the pdf version from your computer.
  • Title the thread “Words of Wisdom.”
  • Share the thread with the class by dragging it over to the Design Workshop Fall 2013 group.

You’re now published! You have your first VoiceThread, and people can see it.

Here’s an example.